To join this disruptive group, you could develop a financial education mobile app, become a mortgage broker, or offer bespoke branding or web design services to accountants. To get in on the action, you could create a sustainable online clothing store, start an electric vehicle rental service, or open a vegan fast food restaurant. Discover the latest and business start-ups through franchising. Look to connect with someone in your industry who has achieved more than you. They will help you get better and identify more key business opportunities. Continually educate yourself on industry trends by subscribing to niche publications, joining relevant associations, and following experts on social media.

A good place to start this networking would be to attend local events with your Chamber of Commerce or local business networking group. To get started, you can sign up as a tester for many third-party user testing platforms (, set yourself up on the usual freelancer platforms or set up your own website promoting your user testing services. As you expand, it may be worth approaching businesses directly offering testing services. Webinars are live video sessions where a specific topic is covered by expert/s, and the audience can interact/ask questions.

Online-based utility price comparison business with fully automation website This is a complete online utility price comparison business. Everything is automatically set up so you can even run this business successfully from home. There will be winners and losers from these changes, but entrepreneurs should view this crisis as a chance to truly make their mark by giving customers what they need most in uncertain times. To stay ahead of the curve, we’ve picked out three trends that are shaping the way businesses and customers interact.

A training business comes down to your level of expertise and ability to sell in clients . But, this also means huge cultural changes are needed, and entrepreneurs can find opportunities for giving additional training, support and services to businesses learning to adapt. Cybersecurity training will surge up the agenda, and there will be a huge need for businesses to tighten their data protection standards as workers continue to adjust to the remote lifestyle. When workers aren’t remote, the office itself will need to evolve, leading to fantastic opportunities for workplace design consultancies. Even more excitingly, virtual reality and augmented reality training and product development will become hugely important as forward-facing businesses adapt to the metaverse. An online pet store is one of the most fun business opportunities, because you can sell a huge variety of products.

This is a purely serviced-based business idea that has no real requirements beyond reliability, some understanding on security and basic property maintenance. Businesses often struggle to understand their customers, market, and how their company, products and services are viewed. This is where market research becomes critical allowing businesses to make key decisions off verified customer/market data.