For more than three decades, Citrix has been empowering businesses and departments off all sizes to reach for better goals and bigger visions. With flexible technology solutions that can be custom fit to meet your teams’ exact needs, it’s easy to work where, when, and how you want—and keep your sensitive data secure. • Does this information include personal data about your customers? This could include names and addresses of people you deliver goods to, contacts you use for telemarketing, and members’ enrolment details. Luckily, marketing is a lot easier when you’re catering to a specific target audience or identity (e.g., vegans, board game lovers, photographers in your city).

A personal data breach means a breach of security leading to the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, or access to, personal data. He also annually checks the personal data he holds to make sure everything has been deleted at the end of its retention period. ○ The name of your business and the person responsible for data protection. Getting started with data protection – top tips for beginners Not sure where to start?

If you can, treat requests that are easily dealt with as routine matters, in the normal course of business. ○ The right to data portability – requesting to move their data electronically to another business. ○ Who you share the data with and how you do this, including any sharing outside the UK.

The Whole Act you have selected contains over 200 provisions and might take some time to download. This includes breaches that are the result of both accidental and deliberate causes. It also means that a breach is more than just about losing personal data.

As a virtual event planner, you’ll be responsible for creating virtual conferences, networking opportunities, and educational sessions for companies around the world. Health information phone line.At AXA Health, our small business healthcare cover also gives you and your team access to our 24/7 health information telephone helpline, Health at Hand. Our experienced nurses and counsellors are available at the end of the phone 24/7, and our midwives and pharmacists are available during the day.

There are at least three things you should keep in mind as you consider your options, no matter what business you decide to start. If you’re not interested in creating your own products to sell, you can curate them. One of the best small business ideas is to sell subscription boxes with curated products that follow a certain theme. So, why bother putting this on our small business ideas list?

Find guides, articles, and infographics to help you do better business, and understand the often weird world of accounting. Wrike is an incredibly intuitive tool that allows easy recording, reporting, and project management—while not being too scary for creatives to use. Automate your way to smoother projects and shorter deadlines with the industry’s most configurable work management tool.

Because consumer app development isn’t the only path for entrepreneurs. New apps for the Shopify App Store crop up daily, with a market of motivated businesses eager to find the tools they need. Online memberships aren’t just a hot new business idea that materialized from people being required to stay home during the COVID-19 crisis. Online memberships are ideal for entrepreneurs with an established active and engaged community. They work much like a subscription-based business—customers make recurring payments in exchange for a virtual product or service. The options are endless—that’s why it’s one of the best business ideas to start.

These definitions bring a measure of clarity to the situation, but it is important to note that they are not binding. provides advice and useful guides to UK sole traders and small businesses. Our goal is to help owner managers and entrepreneurs to start, run, grow and succeed in business, helping turn your business idea into a profitable business.

While you can’t make the days any longer, there are ways that you could make your workday more efficient. Resolving complaints Information for financial businesses to help them resolve complaints at the earliest stage. Help for financial businesses How we work with financial businesses to help prevent complaints arising. If you have a complaint about a financial business but you’re not a small business, head to our main Financial Ombudsman Service’s website for more about how we help individual consumers. If you don’t complete the form we may use your details to understand what went wrong or to promote our products or special offers.