It is very worrying to see information about the Corona outbreak which is growing massively every day. The resulting impact has spread to several sectors, including the economy and industry. Not a few companies have gone out of business. As a result, various companies decided to lay off their employees and some even terminated their employment (PHK). Circumstances like this are of course a heavy blow, even some of them experience frustration. It is quite natural because suddenly you have to lose your source of income. While at home there is a family to support. The Coronavirus outbreak is not yet known exactly when it will end. So it should be, to maintain a stable financial condition, one must have ideas and look for other income that at least can be done from home. The home business is an opportunity that can be exploited. Generally, the capital required is not too large, besides that, it is more flexible. To start a home business opportunity during the Pandemic like today, what needs to be done is to maximize your talents and interest in making something that other people want or need.
The following are 5 home-based business opportunities that have been quite widely practiced and have resulted in rupiah coffers

1) Online Business
Taking advantage of technological advances, online businesses were loved even before the pandemic broke out. This online business idea is very diverse and flexible, you only need to use the internet and a laptop or smartphone.

Especially in social restrictions like now, where people are more active in the house which increases internet usage, including shopping. Running an online business can take advantage of and optimize the increasingly available stalls, or you can also create an online shop via a personal website, and even use social media.
2) Fabric Mask Manufacturing Business
During this pandemic, masks are mandatory to wear, especially when you have to do activities outside the home. This phenomenon makes medical masks a fairly rare item, especially when there are shortages and even if there is a fairly high price. Until then, there was an appeal that medical masks were intended for frontline fighters in dealing with COVID patients, and for the public, cloth masks were used as an alternative.
This can be a business opportunity for those who have sewing skills, running a cloth mask business can be very profitable to run.
Cloth masks can be made in various models. Also, there is nothing wrong with making innovations by using various kinds of fabric colors and motifs so that many buyers are interested.
3) Daily Catering Business
One of the promising businesses is selling food. This is a good business opportunity for those who have good cooking skills by running a daily catering business. The coronavirus outbreak has made some people start to take care of their health, one of which is maintaining a healthier diet and intake. You can do catering which presents healthy and nutritionally balanced menus.

Create kunikan so that buyers are interested in the business that is currently being carried out. For promotions or offers, you can go through a digital-based platform.

4) Frozen Food Business
During the Pandemic, activities outside the home are limited and as much as possible do not go anywhere, except for things that are so urgent. And this makes someone save food more often so that the intensity of leaving the house can be reduced. Especially for people who are not good at cooking, so they often make foods that tend to be simple and easy.
Running a frozen food business is not too difficult. At least, what must be prepared is a freezer and a variety of frozen food supplies.