The initial project received financial backing from HEFCE’s Leadership, Governance and Management fund to the tune of £322k, the largest grant ever made from the fund. Heidi now contains data from sources including HESA, UCAS, the Training and Development Agency for Schools, the National Student Survey and Estates Management Statistics. All organisations gather data and it has the potential to transform how a business operates and to increase profitability.

The client’s leadership team needed stronger visibility, insight and control from their performance data to improve programme execution and delivery. Today, we’re creating too much data to reasonably assess and organise on our own. We need business intelligence systems to ensure that we can transform the information that we collect into something consumable, usable, and valuable.

Some of this information is collected anonymously, such as a customer’s age, gender, location, and social group, which websites they’ve visited before they arrived on your website and what they’ve been searching for. This can be a difficult feat to achieve for the first time, It will usually require clear explanations to employees around the benefits it can bring to the business and how it will eventually fit into their workflows. In a world dominated by data, it is important for organizations to understand how to extract their data and evaluate it to turn it into valuable information. No one could have foreseen that we’d be where we are now from both an economic and social perspective.

The cleaning and transformation of the data is performed outside the source systems so it does not put pressure on them. With correct implementation, can help you grow your business by asking and answering questions based on your data. Key business intelligence expert and influencer of business development needs for all strategic initiatives. Our client is a large NHS foundation Trust with a £1 billion turnover a year.

Many of the software packages are open source, which means students can download and run the software at home. Enhance your employability and gain substantial knowledge and skills in SAS business intelligence software, and work toward your SAS data miner accreditation. You will graduate with an accredited, industry-recognised certification from SAS and be well placed to take up management and business information systems development roles in the industry. We will teach you to review data mining methods and techniques available for effectively uncovering important information from large data sets.

Often, the easiest and most effective way to differentiate is through data-driven solutions for better customer experience and business performance. Luhn’s research established the original methods that were used to create some of the very first IBM analytical systems in the BI market. Since then, business intelligence software and technologies have continued to grow at an incredible pace. Tool specification, the expansion of self-service options, and improved visualisation have all changed the way that companies approach BI as a crucial analytical offering. This course prepares graduates for business intelligence and data mining roles within any target industry.

Unfortunately, the rigidity of the mainframe-based systems that were in use rather limited the use of EIS products. Big data is a term that describes the large volume of data – both structured and unstructured. Big Data includes a set of techniques to leverage data sets and obtain business insights. 42% are seeking to improve user experiences by automating discovery of data insights. Keep bang up-to-date with data developments, industry insights and more.

We believe data is the raw material that underpins informed, efficient decision making. In a landscape of increasing data complexity, organisations face the challenge of using their data to make efficient, accurate decisions that drive business outcomes. It allows your users to understand ‘the bigger picture’ by delivering customised data insights via bespoke dashboards.

We then presented the client with a set of technology options which could address these requirements. After an independent vendor assessment and selection process, we helped the client implement their preferred Business Intelligence solution. Our client, a large Aerospace & Defence Contractor, were experiencing cost and schedule performance issues on a number of their complex engineering programmes.

Also, watch out for special events that will introduce you to Ambassadors, government officials and international experts – allowing you to hear first hand about their markets and opportunities for your business. Boost your records with an array of information about UK businesses and their key decision makers. The BI Revenue module provides clear insights into your firm’s financials, providing lawyer friendly dashboards to everyone within the firm. The module supplies over 300 measures including billable hours, billable value, bills, collections, disbursements, and WIP/AR.