Fairness ensures that all employees treat each other equally, regardless of their status, tenure, race or age. A company that believes in the fair treatment of workers makes certain they don’t take advantage of each other. To maintain fairness, employees must also be open-minded and understand when it’s necessary to confront the unfair treatment of their fellow employees.

CIPD members facing challenges can use our discussion forumWorkplace dilemmas in confidenceto post anonymously and seek valuable guidance and peer support from the member community. We are agile, and we strive for high performance https://www.thehormonauts.com/ – by acting as entrepreneurs and owners of the company. We work together to build a better, stronger company for future generations, protecting the Accenture brand, information, intellectual property and our people.

There are many important reasons for maintaining and upholding business ethics in the workplace. Following this standard of business ethics ensures long-term success within the company. Strong business ethics often create an overall positive working environment that improves employee retention and productivity. They also improve respect among employees, leading to more collaboration and communication between colleagues.

Leadership engagement is at the centre of our programme, and our leaders are driving its implementation. Our people in key roles across the business are empowered and qualified with more direct lines of communication to senior management. Search and apply to our latest roles and find out how we support our people to thrive in a delivery-focused culture. https://www.wikipedia.org/ refers to the standard of behaviour that an organisation adopts concerning morals and ethics.

IEthics can be found in the Oracle E-Business Suite, within ‘Employee Self-Service’. If you don’t have access to a computer, speak to your line manager or HR business partner, who will be able to help you. We have a number of policies and tools in place to support our colleagues in making the right decisions. This independent function reports to the Board’s Audit Committee through the Finance function. It is actively testing our policies, tracks mitigation and remediation, and organises cross-departmental calls to ensure timely reporting of any potential issues.