Company: Difference between Boss and Leader

Company- There is a fundamental difference between the two and they mean different things to different people at different levels of a company – what do you call a boss and a leader?

Through the following article, Sodexo will explain to you the differences between bosses and leaders in depth. Check out the discussion below.

6 Differences between Boss and Leader

In the following, there are 6 points that will explain the difference between a boss and a leader, namely:

1. Attitude Difference

The first difference that anyone can notice is the difference in attitude between a boss and a leader. The boss has a commanding or commanding attitude. A boss will stand behind and only order employees to do the work as instructed.

On the other hand, a leader will invite his employees to work together in building the company together. Leaders will stand at the forefront and embrace all of their employees and motivate them to work even better. It is not surprising that employees will see the leader as a role model in the company.

2. Character Differences

In addition to differences in attitudes, there are also differences in traits that are very closely related to each individual. A boss has a trait that tends to want to be respected. Therefore, it is not uncommon for employees to feel afraid when they have to deal with a boss.

A leader has the nature of praising and encouraging his employees. Therefore, employees will feel happy and comfortable when working with a leader. They will also provide even better performance for the company.

3. Differences in Purpose

When working under a leader, employees can have the opportunity to develop their potential in order to become successful leader candidates. While a boss has a goal to maintain his power and position in order to control the people around him.

4. Differences in Decision Making

In making decisions, a leader will listen to the ideas and input of his employees. Companies that have a leader will often hold discussion forums so that employees have the opportunity to take part in developing the company. On the other hand, a boss tends to prefer to make his own decisions. Employees do not have the right to give their voice in the development of the company.

5. Orientation Difference

The orientation between the boss and the leader is also very much different. The boss has a profit and profit orientation. In addition, employee performance is also measured by how much profit the company gets.

It is different with a leader. Leaders have an orientation toward the company’s vision so that this type will prioritize innovative things and invite employees to develop together in order to achieve company goals.

6. Focus Difference

By focus, the boss is more focused on results while a leader is more focused on the process. The boss will measure the target of achieving employee performance with numbers. While a leader will see the process that employees go through. In the process, the leader will look at the qualities of each employee and how they develop according to the company’s vision.

Now you understand the difference between a boss and a leader, right? If you want to be a leader who can be used as a role model by employees, then be a leader who is able to make wise decisions and respect every employee who has worked hard for the company. For that, as a leader, you must also learn to appreciate employees by giving praise or rewards that can motivate them to work even better.

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