If you are looking for an experienced mechanic in refrigeration machines and refrigeration systems, such as those sold on Refrind, you should know that there are many professionals around who within their companies have learned to manage these particular devices. Dealing with a refrigeration machine means having to be cautious and evaluate your previous learning experience. These professionals have developed a good experience and know how to operate a chiller, they know how to repair it, in short, they know where to put their hands.

These are professionals who have developed both a theoretical preparation of general interest for the device and a study more oriented to the practicality of its use. These workers are often part of a team of people who work with professionalism in order to guarantee our customers a product of the highest quality, efficient services as well as the best collaboration and human relationship between people.

They know how to use specific tool kits specially created for these machines and are not often used in other sectors. Recent technological developments have made it possible to add computer simulation of how to manage a refrigeration plant, precisely to prepare the professionals of the future. The professional in the sector is the one who has developed diagnostic skills and abilities without taking personal risks. Work experience in repairing and installing refrigeration equipment is more valuable than academic credentials. The more experience the instructor has, the greater the depth of knowledge they can draw on to share it in the classroom. Anecdotal stories and real-life examples are often the best way to share important knowledge. 

Chillers are machines that continuously cool water to reach a set temperature, set through the use of a microprocessor. Heat pumps, on the other hand, are machines that in addition to producing cold water (such as chillers – chillers) also produce hot water (attention: the unit produces either hot or cold water). Chillers and heat pumps are of two types: air-cooled or water-cooled. Water chillers (also called chillers or industrial refrigerators) and heat pumps are built with different components depending on the technical choices of the manufacturer and the power that the units will have to supply.