There are many promising and profitable online business ideas. However, of the many online business ideas, not all can be executed easily and in a short time. Even though the most important thing about an online business idea is not the idea, but the execution. If the idea is good, cool, and unique but not executed properly it is useless. Thus it is better if the idea is simple but the execution is extraordinary like Gojek. Gojek ideas are ordinary, inspired by motorcycle taxi drivers, and become a solution for mobility during traffic jams. But Gojek executed the idea well, even extraordinary. So it is not surprising that currently, Gojek is a company that has received millions of dollars in funding.
Promising And Profitable
Promising here does not mean that this online business idea will be 100% successful and will not fail once we start. Promising here is more towards a great chance of success in the future because online business ideas that are given at least from the past until now are still around (evergreen) and in the future, there will still be a considerable need for this business. While profitable means that this online business idea can provide material benefits to business people but the risk of loss still exists, at least the risk is far less than other online business ideas. Below are examples of business ideas that we can describe, as follows

  1. Affiliate Marketing
    The first promising and profitable online business idea is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is basically like a broker or a broker. The technique is only to market and sell products/services owned by other people, on behalf of the owner of the product or service, and when a transaction or sale occurs we will get a commission that has been agreed upon at the beginning. Affiliate marketing will remain promising as long as there are parties who want to focus on products and services after-sales. So that most of the marketing and sales are left to the affiliate marketers.
  2. Copywriter
    If you have this kind of ability, then a profitable and promising online business idea as a copywriter is suitable for us to execute. Copywriters are people who make copywriting. Meanwhile, copywriting itself aims to build awareness of potential buyers of a product or business through writing. Technically, by explaining or communicating offers to potential buyers in a language that is easier to understand. Besides that, copywriting can make people who read it become interested and want to buy the product.
  3. Buying and Selling Domains or Websites (Flipping)
    This profitable and promising online business idea has a popular name, namely flipping. The activity carried out is buying a domain or website, then managing it, and then selling it at a higher price.
    Some of the things you can do include:
    • Build a website from scratch with a new domain, increase its performance and value, and then sell it.
    • Buy ready-made websites and domains, but their performance is not good enough, fix them up and sell them.
    • Buying really good performing websites and domains and then selling them at a higher price.
    To execute this online business idea, you need to have a good knowledge of the website, traffic, and website metrics.
    Hopefully, some of the above explanations can help find a solution.