When did you last support the local businesses in your area? The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that businesses large and small have suffered – and those without the infrastructure for online shopping have been affected most. Does your favorite local business need your support? Definitely so!

No matter the size of your favorite local business, you should support it. Even if it means a takeaway meal once a week or once a month: that minor act might just help to keep it afloat during the tough economic times. Don’t forget that small businesses usually leave a large effect on the local community.

What are the ways you can support a small business? Read reviews about thefood delivery business, the ways in which technologies have made it easier for you to support your favorite local eatery and restaurant, and which food delivery services are the best for locals to use. Reviews Bird is a platform that allows real-world people to share their experiences – business owners and customers – so that others will be able to make better-informed decisions on the services and products they use.

Not only can you support local food businesses by ordering their meals, but you can also do simple things that won’t cost you money but will make a big difference to the small business in your community:

1) Reviews:

Writing a review on platforms such as Reviews Bird costs nothing. You can write about your favorite dish served there, the types of items on their menus, their pricing, customer service and more. That way others will see your positive review and detailed information and it will better help them decide to visit and buy from that eatery.

2) Word of Mouth:

By telling friends and family of your great experiences with a small business, they will most probably feel compelled to try it themselves. You can tell your friends and family about these businesses – and it will have the same effect as a review: they will be able to know what to expect, the highlights of those products and services available, and they’ll want to try them out too. If one of your friends or family members visits that small business as a result of your word-of-mouth news, and they then tell their friends and family, the benefits will be huge for that business.

3) Social Media:

Social Media is a powerful medium. When you check-in at a small business or post about them on your account, and follow their business on social media, you’ll be growing their network of customers and their reach. More and more people will then be exposed to them and that knock-on effect will likely mean they have more potential customers that know about them and would like to visit their business. Engage with those small businesses on social media: like, comment and share. Their next customer could very well be on your timeline. Your engagement and interaction goes a very far long way on social media!