Business Ethics Through Better Communication

A potential problem for this response brings us back to Smith, and to “formative” arguments for significant work. The downside, based on some writers, is that if most of a person’s day is given over to meaningless tasks, then her capability for autonomous alternative, and maybe her other mental schools, might deteriorate. A name for meaningful work might thus be understood as a name for workplaces to be arranged so that this deterioration doesn’t happen (Arneson 2009; S. Arnold 2012). In addition to Smith, Marx (1844 ) was clearly concerned concerning the effects of work on human flourishing.

But there isn’t a consensus on what data is related to a purchasing determination, or what reasonable individuals wish to know. Perhaps surprisingly, business ethicists have mentioned little immediately about gross sales. But much of what’s stated about promoting additionally applies to gross sales. Salespeople are, in a sense, the ultimate advertisers … Read More