Personalized Business Service


RepositoryA repository in a course of mannequin represents a retailer of Business Items, gadgets that can be shared between processes and tasks. A DataStoreNode in an Activity is used to model the same concept in UML. A UML2 DataStoreNode is a TypedElement seen inside the containing Activity. It therefore cannot immediately characterize a world, reusable repository reference.

The names of the Actor and Interface are derived instantly from the name of the Role. RoleTasks in a course of could also be assigned to roles that are responsible for performing the duties.

Since the business process mannequin is concerning the business, not automated systems supporting the business, the WBM mannequin expresses each the exterior and inside views of a process. Therefore, it doesn’t distinguish exterior and internal Roles, as is done in UML Business Modeling utilizing RUP methodology. The BSM mannequin views the process as a contract describing the participating … Read More