The Social Security Administration And Tribunal Membership Scotland Act 2020 Commencement No 5 And Transitional Provisions Regulations 2021

Some information will not be released, but there will be an audit trail and management checks, and special training will be given to the authorised officers. The agency will not automatically use those powers in the first instance. It will examine alternative – perhaps less intrusive – ways of obtaining the information which will help it investigate the allegation.

It might be around the continued disparity between the increase in Universal Credit standard allowance with no corresponding increase in Jobseeker’s Allowance or ESA. Despite the deficiencies, National Insurance still accounts for over half of the expenditure on social security in the UK. But the failure of the scheme to cover the population led to increasing dependency on means-tested benefits, and in particular the basic benefit – National Assistance, later renamed Supplementary Benefit and then Income Support.

There is no test of contribution or of means, but there may be a … Read More